Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Have No Idea What I'm doing

This problem started with me surfing my school's website. Once passing through piles of confusing links and tedious text I realized that what I was looking for was in fact on my teacher's website. So after tracking down the website and finding the page I had searched for I was rather annoyed. 

The page had no information whatsoever and was merely a page vaguely hinting at the projects I would be assigned this year. A word popped out at me. Blog. Sure enough to pass I, someone who is fairly useless with computers must create a blog. 

I should have seen it coming, any teacher that communicates mostly using computers is bound to assign a blogging project. So this is why I started this. As a way to learn a little about the lost art of blogging so I can nail the project when it comes around! So read this, or don't it's your choice. I promise that future posts will be much more entertaining than this! To keep you entertained here's a picture I drew. Try to find the hidden word! It starts with  L.