Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Four in the Quest for the Golden Quill...The Site Crashed Again

Today I ended up waking up earlier than I wanted to. Before groaning and going back to sleep I decided to check out Pottermore. Before I get a bunch of flack for this I didn't want to make 2 accounts for me. During day 3 I asked my brother (another Harry Potter fan) if he wanted me to register him. For whatever reason he said no then, and then wished on the following day that he had taken me up on my offer. He had felt that he wasn't a true Harry Potter fan because he didn't know the answer for Day 3. I assured him that wasn't true (It isn't!) and promised to help him if we caught another clue.

So that brings me to this morning.

I wake up and see this:

Again? I thought. Then I realized how much sense it made. This clue was between 2pm and 6pm BST. This not only opened it for Americans and Canadians, but it also opened it up for English, French, and every other nationality who have work in the morning.

So naturally, Pottermore did what it was best at, and always told to do in this situation.

It crashed.


I'm sure some people may be disappointed. In fact, I'm certain that they are. How many people missed out on a golden opportunity today due to the site's incompetence? Isn't this exactly what J.K was trying to avoid by keeping the times secret?

Maybe the time window shouldn't have been released for this one. It  seems an awfully popular window to climb through, and that can only lead to the house that is Pottermore overflowing and leaves everyone wishing that they hadn't all showed up to the party at once.

Aside from the strange metaphor, I digress, it was a mistake to reveal the time window today.


Or not... It seems that a large group of people figured out the clue and registered before the site crashing at around 8:30 AM. They were confused to find that they were taken directly to the registration page instead of needing to hunt for a quill.

Congratulations to those who won today, and good luck in the future to those who didn't get the chance.

Here's to all of us, the winners, those who have not yet won, those who never will, and anyone who has ever loved a book. This is our moment, don't let the inconveniences along the way slow you down. From the site crashing, to a computer smashing, to missing the clue, come October we know what to do.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Three in the quest for the Golden Quill... SUCCESS!!!

After a long night of snacking, watching the Harry Potter movies, clutching the third book, constantly refreshing the Pottermore website, and struggling to stay awake, at 4:10 AM something came out of it. My heart skipped a beat as yellow lettering filled the page detailing a question. In seconds I had by book out and was flipping madly to "The Quidditch Final" after a quick calculation, I entered my answer into the URL and held my breath...

At first I thought I had made a mistake.

I found myself at what looked like a website that did reviews for children's books, complete with crayon lettering and brightly colored subject headings. Then my eyes darted to the right of the screen and focused on a small square of purple. The Magical Quill is here... Levitate it to continue. At first panic set in- I was so frenzied that I couldn't figure out how to levitate the quill. Finally I gathered my bearings and found that it was quite simple. Soon the tell tale phrase jumped onto the screen and I eagerly clicked on a link to continue.

I was exhilarated during registration. To see my name with all of the characters was amazing, it made me feel like a kid. About a minute later I received my confirmation letter and giddily activated my account within seconds.

I can't wait for my welcome letter!!! Congratulations to all who have won so far and good luck to those who are still trying! Beta tester out b*tches! (Sorry for that AVPM reference- I couldn't resist!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Two in the quest for the Quill...I Had Work in the Morning

Last night I was determined, I studied the book, did trivia, and refreshed the page constantly. This lasted until about 1 in the morning when my train of thought drifted dramatically.

Me at 5:00 PM: I can stay up all night doing this! I am determined and I will win!!!

turned to this...

Me at 1:00 AM: Oh ______* , I have work in the morning. I'm going to sleep...

* substitute appropriate swear of choice

So basically my common sense was stronger than my obsession with Harry Potter. I woke up at 7:30 this morning, well rested and a little bit hopeful. Soon the tell-tale "Sorry, Day 2 registration is now closed" filled the screen without me giving too much of a damn. As it would happen, I don't work tomorrow. Tonight I will stay awake until the clue appears and I am given early access to Pottermore!

I bet now that I've said this the clue will actually be released at a reasonable hour of the day...

Whatever! I will not be deterred! TONIGHT THAT QUILL IS MINE!!! (and every other person who finds it tonight's...) 

I have this one in the bag.