Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Three in the quest for the Golden Quill... SUCCESS!!!

After a long night of snacking, watching the Harry Potter movies, clutching the third book, constantly refreshing the Pottermore website, and struggling to stay awake, at 4:10 AM something came out of it. My heart skipped a beat as yellow lettering filled the page detailing a question. In seconds I had by book out and was flipping madly to "The Quidditch Final" after a quick calculation, I entered my answer into the URL and held my breath...

At first I thought I had made a mistake.

I found myself at what looked like a website that did reviews for children's books, complete with crayon lettering and brightly colored subject headings. Then my eyes darted to the right of the screen and focused on a small square of purple. The Magical Quill is here... Levitate it to continue. At first panic set in- I was so frenzied that I couldn't figure out how to levitate the quill. Finally I gathered my bearings and found that it was quite simple. Soon the tell tale phrase jumped onto the screen and I eagerly clicked on a link to continue.

I was exhilarated during registration. To see my name with all of the characters was amazing, it made me feel like a kid. About a minute later I received my confirmation letter and giddily activated my account within seconds.

I can't wait for my welcome letter!!! Congratulations to all who have won so far and good luck to those who are still trying! Beta tester out b*tches! (Sorry for that AVPM reference- I couldn't resist!)

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