Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Two in the quest for the Quill...I Had Work in the Morning

Last night I was determined, I studied the book, did trivia, and refreshed the page constantly. This lasted until about 1 in the morning when my train of thought drifted dramatically.

Me at 5:00 PM: I can stay up all night doing this! I am determined and I will win!!!

turned to this...

Me at 1:00 AM: Oh ______* , I have work in the morning. I'm going to sleep...

* substitute appropriate swear of choice

So basically my common sense was stronger than my obsession with Harry Potter. I woke up at 7:30 this morning, well rested and a little bit hopeful. Soon the tell-tale "Sorry, Day 2 registration is now closed" filled the screen without me giving too much of a damn. As it would happen, I don't work tomorrow. Tonight I will stay awake until the clue appears and I am given early access to Pottermore!

I bet now that I've said this the clue will actually be released at a reasonable hour of the day...

Whatever! I will not be deterred! TONIGHT THAT QUILL IS MINE!!! (and every other person who finds it tonight's...) 

I have this one in the bag.

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