Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Day Done...No Luck

The first clue for Pottermore came and went at 3:00 AM while I was fast asleep. After a nervewraking night filled with tossing, turning, and hoping the clue would be posted by the time I woke up; I ran down the stairs at 7:00 AM to find a message saying "Sorry Day 1 Registration is Now Closed". To my irritation I found that the question itself was incredibly easy.

The key to this contest is much different than I initially thought.

It's luck.

Anyone with a copy of the Harry Potter books has a chance to win- it's a matter of actually being online at the release of the clue to the quill. This is discouraging. I know that there will certainly be those that will sit at their computers, constantly refreshing until the clue is revealed. Despite how it may annoy me now, I will never be one of those people. I suppose I just need to cross my fingers keep a book by my laptop and visit the site whenever I get the chance without going out of my way to visit it.

All I need to do is remember that if I don't get early admission, I'll only need to wait until October.

AND... I'll have a shorter wait until part two of Pottermore which will be released the following year. An early start equal an early finish.

To any readers- just keep your head high and don't try too hard. If you're a true fan your love for Harry Potter will never die, it can easily survive until October.

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