Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dreams are Random

Dreams are weird things. Now many people may argue; insisting dreams give insight to the world on a whole new level and that they have magical connections. You may argue that dreams give you unique insight into your subconscious. This may be true but this doesn't go against the fact that dreams are strange. I've had dreams where I think I must have been half insane.I've had dreams that defy logic. Disagree? Let's take last nights dream as an example.

Imagine sitting on the couch watching T.V and surfing the web. All of a sudden my mother bursts through the door waving a brown paper bag haphazardly and frantically shouting, YOU NEED BRACES! Then imagine her pull something that looks like a miniature bear trap from the paper bag and place it in your hand.

The bear trap/ brace was rusty. The brackets were pink on the top row and blue on the bottom. There was also a butterfly engraved on the back of it as if to mock me. It looked rugged and terrifying. Without hesitating I shoved it in my mouth. Hooks dug into my mouth causing blood loss but the pain ended quickly. I looked in the mirror and to my surprise the braces/bear trap looked perfect. I kinda enjoyed them being there.

That joy ended when I realized that I would one day need to remove the braces.

All of a sudden fear and dread filled me since I knew it would kill to take them out. The world of my dream was no longer a friendly place. In fact, it was enough to make anyone freak out. The walls morphed and I was no longer standing on the floor. The world spun and I felt like ripping the braces from my mouth.

The dream ended abruptly there. I awoke hoping that I would never need braces. Ever.

So in conclusion, dreams are random. And while this dream may have had some profound meaning you can't deny the multiple oddities. I shoved a rusty, sharp implement in my mouth. Dreams are bizarre. At least my dreams are.

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