Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A poem for you about me

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! I've been absorbed with other projects and aspects of my life such as my novel, dance class, school work, and the balancing act that is my social life. Hang on to your seats! I am currently at work on a few other posts which will be quite long and detailed. (I promise!) So in the mean time to keep you interested I am going to attempt to enlighten the internet by posting a sonnet I wrote for L.A. I intended for it to be in iambic pentameter (a heartbeat- u / ) but I may have messed up a little bit. (or a lot- I can be extremely self-critical!) So just read it, enjoy it (or not), and tell me what you think.

A Sonnet
By: Rachel Levy
A written word stands upon a page
Just as a story will wind and twist
Gathering knowledge will form a sage
And staying silent will draw the mist

These beliefs are completely true as day
They are what I am and aspire to be
I am me in every possible way
There’s much more to myself, just wait and see

When it comes to art the love never ends
When I dance, intense joy fills me inside
When I glance written word I’m among friends
I chase my dreams, I have nothing to hide

No single phase can describe who I am
Any other notion is surely a sham

Please do not use any lines from this poem without either citing me or asking my permission. Do not plagiarize me or I will have vengeance. (Seriously, don't copy my work-e-mail me or comment on a post if you want to use something that I've posted.) Thank you!

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