Saturday, September 3, 2011

Still. No. Letter.

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile, I've been really busy since my last post. I failed to get my brother into Pottermore due to this bustling nature of time (we went on a road trip for a week, family came over, I played laser tag with my friends-despite being surrounded by kids up to my knee, I'll elaborate later). Basically in that time several rounds of Pottermore letters were dispersed worldwide.

Mine. Was not. Among them.

After some excessive moping, whining, crying, and self loathing for the moping, whining, and crying, I decided to suck it up and wait patiently. After all, if Harry could wait 11 years, I could wait a few weeks.

So I waited. I didn't check my e-mail. I didn't stalk Pottermore on tumblr. I didn't check the Pottermore Insider. I focused on other things and lived my life.

This lasted for a day. Soon I was back to my old habits, checking my email every 5 seconds obsessively and feeling utterly empty whenever someone was given a letter. In other words I momentarily, had no life. (No offense to others doing those exact same things! It's hard to resist!)

Once I came to the sad realization that I was wasting away my summer waiting for an email. I was completely, and utterly ashamed.

So, I cut it down to checking my email once a day and tried to focus on other things.

Now it's September. I'm getting impatient.

What if my email comes September 30th? That would completely suck, to have stayed up until 4:00 AM to get into Pottermore a day early. While I clearly despise the thought of it, this is a very real possibility for me.

In the long run it is only a website. Oh well, I guess the Hogwarts Express will have to wait. For now...

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